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Our plants

Greeen+ prides itself on a unique and proven ability to sustainably source and provide beautiful indoor and outdoor plants from across the UK, the continent and the rest of the world for UK supermarkets and retailers. Greeen+ is a lifestyle horticulture expert and a market leader in the supply of added-value potted plants and category-enhancing peripherals, thanks to deep market insights and design capabilities.

Indoor plants

Our selection of indoor plants is vast and diverse – from easy-care succulents, to orchids, to flowering or foliage-rich beauties, to edibles such as citrus plants. We’re in tune with current and upcoming trends, and use smart market data analysis alongside horticultural and design expertise to bring seasonally appropriate cross-category success to UK retail with maximum impact and minimum waste.


Sustainability is central to our business model and supply chain, and we work closely with long-term partners to ensure all our domestic and imported plants are cared for expertly, from propagation to pride of place, with minimum environmental impact. For example, we are one of the UK’s biggest importers of Sansevieria – a uniquely beautiful and versatile low-maintenance perennial.

Outdoor plants

From colourful bedding plants to perennial bursts of colour and vibrance, to ornamental shrubs, blossom- and fruit-bearing trees and hardy plants, we sustainably source and provide the highest quality – and most ‘on-trend’ – outdoor plants. These include Mediterranean plants such as Italian palms and ferns, which complement and enhance colour-rich domestic gardens and outdoor spaces throughout the summer months.


Design expertise plays a key role in creating powerful in-store presence, and we know how outdoor plants can best transform our exterior spaces from courtyards to raised beds, to themed areas of seasonally shifting shades, coverage and colours. What’s more, we’re really excited to support UK supermarkets and retailers in providing for a significant boom in appreciation for outdoor plants.

Occasion plants

The calendar is dotted with opportunities to explore the uplifting power of plants. From Valentines to Mother’s Day and Easter, through birthdays, festivals, thank-yous and thinking-of-yous and all the way to Christmas – plants provide the perfect living complement with tangible texture, colour and shade.


Our expert growers and incredible supply chain partners ensure we can match seasonal and occasional demand at scale, without compromising quality. In anticipation of retail demand, and with data-driven insights regarding cross-category sales opportunities, we work up to a year ahead to bring new and impactful ideas to the marketplace. Meanwhile, we provide design collaboration and support to help our clients truly differentiate and achieve growth.


Environmental sustainability is a top priority for Greeen+, and this extends to our choice of growers and other partners, who we assess via the MPS-ABC accreditation scheme. Wherever possible, we work only with those rated A+ or A for their energy, chemical and water use, and for their waste production and management. Currently, 93% of our grower partners are rated A+ or A, and we’re doing all we can to reach 100%.

This not only supports our green credentials and commitments, but also makes commercial sense – growers with higher MPS-ABC ratings are typically the most efficient producers.

For hardware and packaging, sourcing tends to be more varied and complex, so we manage this on a ‘supplier and substrate’ basis – for example, checking that all paper and wood materials are FSC accredited.

Product development

Greeen+ knows its markets intimately. We attach great value to detailed analysis of data relating to current and projected market trends, and to the numerous trade shows we attend every year. These and other initiatives combine to help us establish a successful creative and strategic vision for the following year.

Working with our Buying and Technical resource, and referencing each customer’s brief, The Greeen+ Development Team uses this information to expertly design a unique and diverse plant range that comprises the live products and all related hardware.

Through sustainable and responsible sourcing, Greeen+ has formed strong and longstanding relationships with excellent suppliers, and this means we can offer our customers the latest and most desirable products – all from ethically sourced growers and factories worldwide.

our growers

Our amazing partners

Over many years, we’ve established and nurtured many partnerships that are pivotal to our success story on a daily basis. Without them, we’d struggle to do what we do so well, and for so many people.