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Our team

United in our belief in the power of plants

We’re a genuinely close-knit team of plant lovers, working together with infectious enthusiasm to share the wonders of horticulture with the wider world. We inspire each other, our partners and our customers every day to explore the endless ways plants can enrich everyday life.

Meet the leadership team behind Greeen+, innovating and adding value in the design and development of plant products for an ever-expanding audience…

leadership at greeen+

Frederik Boeskov


Leading and steering the business’ commercial initiatives and inspiring its people, Frederik also oversees Greeen+’s worldwide network of partners and growers.


Alric Blake



Arti Conway

Head of Commercial

Arti is the conduit for new business and commercial opportunities, and ensures our existing and future clients reap the benefits of data-driven and strategy-led opportunities.


Malcolm Catlin

Horticultural Director

Few know the industry as well as Malcolm, who’s responsible for our complex domestic and international supply chains, sustainability, and product development insights.


Ina Watts

Finance Manager

At the helm of all-things finance, Ina is a strategic and skilled budget planner behind many of the business’ commercial successes.