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We’re the lifestyle horticulture experts

Harnessing the power of plants
Greeen+ provides UK retailers with a trusted source of high-quality potted plants and associated design expertise. First and foremost, though, we’re partners in your success story.

Through unrivalled data and supply chain expertise, we build long-term, rewarding relationships through full plant category management – from concept to ethical and sustainable sourcing, to in-store promotional design and installation, to PoS and post-sale care.

Ultimately, we believe firmly in what we do, and how it can transform and enhance people’s lives.


Indoor Plants

Greeen+ expertly and sustainably sources high-quality indoor plants from all over the world for UK supermarkets and retailers. Direct relationships with our excellent grower partners help to ensure dependable quality and freshness, at scale.

Indoor plants can define and transform personal and professional spaces – and enhance lifestyles and experiences. Conveying this through in-depth plant expertise, market insight and design support, we help to engage consumers at a more emotional level, securing our customers higher sales and brand loyalty across in-store categories.



Outdoor Plants

Our wide range of outdoor plants is sourced sustainably from an international portfolio of trusted growers, and helps transform all kinds and sizes of outdoor space.

With in-depth plant knowledge and design expertise, we provide seasonally appropriate and on-trend ranges of outdoor plants to complement sales across categories, and can supply at scale to meet demand without compromising quality or environmental credentials.



Occasion Plants

Mother’s Day, Easter, Valentine’s Day…the UK calendar provides a steady series of opportunities to introduce space- and lifestyle-enhancing colour and shade through high-quality plants and complementary products.

Our seasonal expertise with indoor and outdoor plants, combined with our excellent domestic and international supply chains and grower partnerships, means we can help UK retailers and supermarkets delight customers in gifting and purchasing – sustainably and reliably, regardless of volume.

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Greeen Outline
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Why Greeen+?

Dedicated to development

With our collaborative networks, we’re continuously exploring and creating the latest trends and innovations in plants, hardware and accessories.

Why Greeen+?

Plant category management

Full in-house category management – from concept to sourcing plants and hardware, to designing highly effective in-store environments.

Why Greeen+?

Supply and demand reassurance

With unrivalled market analytics and an extensive network of trusted growers and suppliers, we’re experts at predicting and providing for peak demand.

Why Greeen+?

Being your brand

With expert data and unique consumer insights, we’ve a remarkable knack for creating brand-unique and highly compelling products and experiences.

Why Greeen+?

We simply love plants

We really know our stuff, and are keen to share our passion for sourcing, growing and supplying plants ethically and sustainably.

“An amazing partner that never fails to deliver. We work together to continually push the boundaries and bring products to market that delight our customers.



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